Midwest Large Format Asylum

The largest, most active large format photography group in the country.


Membership Requirements

(We are willing to waive the first three requirements.)

If you attend Asylum outings it is also a good idea to like food!

The Asylum does not charge membership fees or dues.  All outings are completely optional (in fact the whole thing is completely optional).  We now have two ways to communicate with other Asylum inmates.  The first is our mailing list and the second is our forum.  Both require registration (absolutely free and required to foil spammers) but no other commitment from you!

Forum Information

There is a link to the forum on the menu.  Visitors can view the public areas of the forum including some of the gallery areas.  Only members can make posts and access the entire forum including additional galleries.  Feel free to take a look.

For full access to the forum you must register.  Registration is completely free and is simply a precaution to prevent spammer, which happened when we had an open forum.  You simply click the "Registration" link on the forum and fill out the information.  Your registration has to be activated by an administrator and that usually takes less than 24 hours.  Once your account has been activated you can read and post to the entire forum.

Please note: registration is free and we don't share your information with anyone.  You will not be spammed as a result of joining the forum.